Saddler’s Maine Made LLC features Paradise Beads!

Saddler’s Main Made Jewelry with Paradise Beads Handmade Lampwork
About The Studio and Shop  –  Saddler’s Maine Made llc
Work shop and studio of hand crafted jewelry and, wire sculpture. Featuring Moosehead lake beach glass jewelry . Nicole Saddler, designer & owner.
“Original Handcrafted & Design Jewelry
and, Home Décor
all me piece’s are of my own original designs using the finest metal’s; Argentium Silver .930, Sterling Silver .925 and, 22k Gold.
Captured authentic Moosehead Beach Glass, found by me. Sea glass from exotic beaches around the world.
Newest addition to the design table, I have invested in unique artisan lamp work beads. Handcrafted by some of the world’s best glass artists.
Some lamp work beads are Exclusively made for just Saddler’s Maine Made llc. One of a kind using organic material’s, with fine silver of .999 and gold stone in many. Kiln annealed for durability and, a life time of enjoyment.”








I am so thrilled to share these new jewelry designs by Nicole Saddler or Saddler’s Maine Made LLC featuring our beads! Follow on FB @  and follow our beads on FB @ +  LOVE D&J


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