new feather beads & more :)

Grape Escape Nugget Duo | Fun blend of purple & plum violet with occasional splashes of vineyard green and dark fiery rust, encased in crystal clear with spring green filligrana cane accenting and sprinkled with fine silver droplets

Handmade Glass Art Bead | KALYPSO FEATHERS | Ultra rich design with Kalypso glass by Double Helix, featuring lots of eye-catching glass reactions in the ‘feathers’ including lines of shiny reflective Fine Silver. 

Kalypso Feathers Buttons and Rounds, a coordinated collection of focal beads and accents.

Handmade Glass Art Beads | Kalypso teXture Rounds | Rich double-helix ‘Kalypso’ glass really shows off in this set. Reactive striations of pale pink , powder blue, melon, lilac, and roses, textured, encased in glossy clear, and sprinkled with droplets of Fine Silver.

Handmade Glass Art Beads | Kronos Ink Rounds | Dark dreamy cobalt, navy, and wispy sky blue glass round beads, sprinkled with droplets of Fine Silver.

Handmade glass lampwork petites |Tribal Rainforest | Perfect for earrings and accents, these fun little beads are made of a rich Earthen reactive glass base with a brilliant Sea Green and reactive glass tribal design.

Handmade Glass Art Beads | teXtured Turquoise Rustica Rounds | Earthen hues from sand to adobe, textured and encased in glossy crystal, over a base of turquoise.

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