December, new glass lampwork beads :)

TANGERINE DREAM | Phoenix Orange, EDP Striated Plum Purple, and Silvered Ivory, decorated with Fine Italian Silver Droplets and etched, for a smooth matte rustic finish … Two (2) Organic Glass Lampwork Beads, hand faceted to capture the eye with a lovely visual texture.

 RUSTIC PLUM SILVER | EDP Striated Purple with Fine Italian Silver & Ivory Glass Accenting, Etched for a Smooth Matte Finish …(6)Glass Lampwork Organic Seed Beads, hand faceted to capture the light with a lovely visual texture.

PEACH STONE HEART| Creamy Pastel White encased in Peach and Apricot Blend and Crystal, sprinkled with droplets of Fine Italian Silver, and etched for a matte smooth as sea glass finish… One (1) Glass Heart Tab Lampwork Bead.

VENETIAN PALACE | Golden and Rustic Hand Shaped Barrel Beads with a base drenched in Fine Italian Silver, fumed to a golden hue in the flame. The beads are decorated with colorful rainbow raku bubble dots and intricate Hand Pulled Twisted Golden Tiger Stringer work. Elegant- OOAK.

4 thoughts on “December, new glass lampwork beads :)

  1. Why thank you sis! Thinking about you during torch time this morning, and about our last visit, you must have heard me! By the way, how far of a drive is Yakima from you guys…


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