Plum & Spice and LOTS of glass is nice :)

Listing SO many new goodies online today 🙂 Here we go…..  :

PLUM and SPICE | Glowing Autumn Strand of Button/Spree Flat Rounded Tab Beads with intricate Twisted Cane, Fine Italian Silver, Goldstone, and Reactive Dark MultiColor glass, with coordinating accents in Misty Plum and Crystal.OOAK.

MODERN RUSTIC STRAND | Individually Hand Faceted Organic Style Glass Bead Strand. Earthen Reactions in heavily Silvered Glass, paired with Sea Green & Dark Red with eye-catching Fine Silver Droplets. OOAK.

SKINNY DIPPING STRAND | Individually Hand Faceted Organic Style Glass Bead Strand. Shades of Turquoise, Pale Blue, Terra Cotta, Beige, Sand, and Dark Crystal Plum blended over MultiColor reactive Glass and encased in Crystal Clear matched with Buff and Baby Blue with Fine Italian Silver Droplets. OOAK.

 KALYPSO ISLAND | Gorgeous new Kalypso Glass by Double Helix! Just amazing in the sunlight 🙂 Enjoy this decked out set of handcrafted goodness shimmering in Sunlit Gold, Violet,Fuchsia,Ocher & Cranberry, over a Fine Italian Silver Coated base. Matched with Hand Faceted Organic Seeds, Large Glossy Crystal Encased Glass Rounds with Fine Silver Droplets, and a nice plump Barrel Focal.OOAK.


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