New Beads in New Online Shop- Like OOAK?

CANYON | Special Rustic Reactive Glass in Ocher and Sunset hues, textured with hand blown glass shards and amber crystal details, accompanied by accenting petite rounds and organic disks.

AEGEAN CRYSTAL | Aqua & Teal Crystal Blended in a cool breeze motif encasing wisps of Plum Violet and paired with hand pulled and twisted Onyx Filigrana and dazzling encased Fine Italian Silver…

We have opened a special OOAK (One Of A Kind) online store on Etsy. Here you will find upscale bead sets and focals, completely unique, no reproductions, ready to ship the same or next business day. This is where we will stretch our creative wings and offer up our newest designs first =0) Daniel & Jenelle EtsyNameSpace.Mini(9322698, ‘shop’,’gallery’,2,2).renderIframe();


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