Boro Borosilicate vs Soft Soda Lime Glass

FUN FACT: We use a type of glass called “soft” or “soda lime” to create our glass beads for jewelry designs. 
This glass is called “soft” because it melts at a lower temperature than borosilicate or pyrex glass. We make many designs that are similar to Boro with lots of colors blended inside of glossy crystal clear…. the cool thing about this for our designers is that Soft glass is much lighter, although just as substantial, than Boro, so a little more versatile in Jewelry designs when counting wear-ability as an asset. 
The Soft Soda Lime Glass that we use comes mainly from Italy, and is the same glass used in the famous beads from Murano, Italy. We also use some fantastic glass created in Lauscha, Germany, and Heavily Silvered Glass made right here in the USA, hailing from Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest.
Both Daniel and I have tinkered with Borosilicate glass and on occasion will offer some OOAK beads created with it as it is dazzling, but try to stay with the Soda Lime glass because of it’s versatility, and the fact that it is more true to pictures online than boro glass.


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