Organic Color Tints

Cabernet, Beach Daisies with Sea Weed, and Vineyard are now available!
These are Super Sized Bars of Suds,Late Summer & Fall Aromatics.

Newly Added Lip Yum Line: Organic Color Tints!
Color, Gloss, and Condition your lips with all natural and organic ingredients.
Featuring Shea Butter & Apricot Kernel Oil.


13 thoughts on “Organic Color Tints

  1. On June 25th I placed an order on your etsy shop.
    4 bead patterns. I did not get any download nor did I get an email with my 4 tutorials.

    I have tried to reach you at least 4 times without response.
    Paypal says they have tried to reach you without response.

    It is my hope you will respond to this as I would still like to get my tutorials and and have this out of the way.

    Thank you,
    Linda Porasso

    Invoice below:

    Shopping Cart Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #2PA96508KG001350V)

    Invoice ID:
    Jun. 25, 2009
    10:20:36 PDT

    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    Island Waves Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial by sFd learn how to make waves
    Item# 26963767 $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
    Modern Milan Bead E-Book for Glass Lampwork Artists by sFd Reactive Design with Bonus Material
    Item# 26962077 $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
    Elegant Chambers Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial by sFd
    Item# 26504672 $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
    Tribal Sundance Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial by sFd
    Item# 20467108 $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
    Subtotal $20.00 USD
    Total $20.00 USD
    Payment $20.00 USD
    Payment sent to

    Invoice ID: 12470902


  2. OH! I remember this!! I have sent these to you at at least three different email addresses now! You have a diff email address on etsy, on paypal, and then you emailed me from a completley different email address.I sent to all three, as well as replied to every email you sent AND via paypal as well.

    You filed a chargeback on me as well- This is completley irritating. If you want these ebooks PLEASE tell me what email address to send these to, just to be sure, and also make sure that you have enough room in your email inbox to hold the file sizes. Also if you reversed the payment, as this is completely your error, and I have made every attempt to send these to you- I will not send them again. I will check paypal, and wait here for your reply as to the correct working email address you are using.- Jenelle


  3. Jenelle,

    YOU? find this irritating?
    What do you think I find this?
    I HAVE to track you down on a blog in order to get ANY KIND of response from you over a 2 month period for a $20 sale of tutorials that should take you 1 minute to send?

    Did you consider writing a “when you receive this please let me know that you got them?” ON ANY OF THOSE MANY RE-SENDS YOU CLAIM?
    When you got the “I did not get my product” complaint from paypal … that did not alert you there WAS STILL a problem?
    This is how you treat customers when they are having a problem with a service you claim you provide?

    If your emails do not reach me they are the ONLY EMAILS in the world that do not seem to reach me. Since I sift through AT LEAST 300 pieces of spam a day (yours WERE NOT there). If you are using your aol account that might be a problem because AOL sucks now and has since its inception 14 years or so years ago.

    Yes I filed a charge back with paypal. If you are at all up on this issue then you know I have yet to get my money back (not that I want it … IT WAS a last resort to get your attention and apparently still did not since paypal claims they could not get this settled with you either). Your no response 4 or 5 times to etsy, your several website contact forms and your paypal (unverified account information) over almost 2 month led us to this point.

    Every time I have written it has gone with the above posted invoice. Any email address I might have sent from comes directly into my outlook express.

    Bottom line my dear … I am the one who did not get FOR WHATEVER REASON product I purchased in good faith … and you want this issue to be my fault?

    You call this good business and handled well by you?

    Here is an email address:
    When I receive my tutorials I will post back here I got them. I own my own server and the size of “those tutorials” … I guarantee are not large enough to not come through my server … if you have a problem I might suggest it is on your own end.



  4. I have already sent them to this email address over 3 times. As I stated I also replied via paypal as soon as the dispute was filed, AND looked up your etsy email address which was a different address, AND relied to you via a completely different email address. AND just sent you an email via your web site which I was able to google search out AND it would have been more appropriate to respond via email at this point anyways.

    That said, I am emailing you the tutorials, again. One last time. I have sold and emailed hundreds of ebooks and never had this issue or such rudeness, especially as I replied to every email you sent and even researched our your alternate emails AND replied to your etsy convo as well.



  5. here's one of the emails I sent you on July 1st. forwarding all emails sent to you to again as well.

    from Jenelle Aubade ||
    date Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 12:29 PM
    subject Fwd: Tribal Sundance, Elegant Chambers, Modern Milan & Island Waves!

    hide details Jul 1


    Follow up message
    – Show quoted text –

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Jenelle Aubade ||
    Date: Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 1:46 PM
    Subject: Tribal Sundance, Elegant Chambers, Modern Milan & Island Waves!

    Thank you Linda! Your files are attached, have a great weekend 🙂

    Jenelle Aubade glass art | music | vegan goodness


    Jenelle Aubade glass art | music | vegan goodness

    4 attachments — Scanning for viruses…
    tribalsundancebead.pdf tribalsundancebead.pdf
    1620K View
    Chamber.pdf Chamber.pdf
    2697K View
    ModernMilan.pdf ModernMilan.pdf
    2178K View
    IslandWaves.pdf IslandWaves.pdf
    1559K View


  6. here's another one:

    from Jenelle Aubade ||
    date Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 3:41 PM
    subject E-book tutorials

    hide details Jul 16


    Follow up message
    Hi! I have sent you the ebooks you ordered two times now, and now I see a dispute? Please communicate with me on this, I will attach them one more time to this email, and will let paypal know that this is digital material, will send them copies of all the emails I have sent to you, and will let them know this is not refundable. Please cancel this dispute to save us both time and headaches. Thanks!


    Jenelle Aubade glass art | music | vegan goodness

    STORE ||
    BEADS ||
    MUSIC ||
    oh and… ||
    4 attachments — Download all attachments
    tribalsundancebead.pdf tribalsundancebead.pdf
    1620K View Download
    Chamber.pdf Chamber.pdf
    2697K View Download
    ModernMilan.pdf ModernMilan.pdf
    2178K View Download
    IslandWaves.pdf IslandWaves.pdf
    1559K View Download


  7. and here is our complete etsy conversation which you never replied to.

    by SFDglassbeads profile shop
    I Just sent them again, time number 4, to your email address that I received a new message from today, kat7 [!at], fingers crossed that you get them this time! arg. When you get them let me know if you want the free ebook I am offering you, upon closure of the paypal dispute, and which email to send it to- thanks! Jenelle
    16 July 2009 4:14pm EDT

    by SFDglassbeads profile shop
    I have sent your ebooks to your paypal registered email address three times now.

    Please check your spam filters and allow emails from sortaflower [!at]

    This is digital copyrighted material that is not returnable nor refundable. Please cancel your paypal dispute once you get your ebooks and please tell me if there is some other email to send these to that will work! I am frustrated as well, because every time I send them I think you have received them and am surprised as this has never happened before.

    If you get them this time PLEASE let me know, and once you cancel the paypal dispute I will give you another e-book for free, your choice.

    I just wrote a new one on crinkle disks that has 6 recipes in it, I would love to send you, and my apologies for this confusion,all of the emails I have sent you with the ebooks were emailed from sortaflower [!at] to you at kat7 [!at] Jenelle
    16 July 2009 3:51pm EDT

    by kat7 profile shop contact

    I wrote you on sortaflower [!at] on June 30th but have yet to get an answer to this issue.

    Have yet to receive my ebooks or links to them.
    Invoice below.

    Linda Porasso

    Sorry I guess I need to send the invoice so you know what I am talking about

    Thank you,
    Linda Porasso

    —– Original Message —–
    From: “Etsy Transactions”
    Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 10:19 AM
    Subject: Your Etsy purchase from SFDglassbeads

    Dear kat7,

    Congratulations on your Etsy purchase. You bought:

    Payment Details:
    Seller: SFDglassbeads
    Item: Island Waves Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial by
    sFd learn how to make waves (quantity: 1)
    Transaction ID: 17184215
    Item price: $5.00
    Shipping cost: $0.00

    Item: Modern Milan Bead E-Book for Glass Lampwork Artists by sFd
    Reactive Design with Bonus Material (quantity: 1)
    Transaction ID: 17184214
    Item price: $5.00
    Shipping cost: $0.00

    Item: Elegant Chambers Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial
    by sFd (quantity: 1)
    Transaction ID: 17184213
    Item price: $5.00
    Shipping cost: $0.00

    Item: Tribal Sundance Bead e-book for Glass Lampwork Aritsts a Tutorial
    by sFd (quantity: 1)
    Transaction ID: 17184212
    Item price: $5.00
    Shipping cost: $0.00

    Total Sale: $20.00 (USD)

    Your message to the seller:
    Beautiful work!

    You chose the following form of payment: PayPal

    If you have already paid, thanks for being so quick! If you have not paid
    yet, please pay now by signing into Etsy and going to Your Etsy
    Purchases, then clicking the “Invoice” link. Remember, on Etsy you always
    pay the seller directly, and each seller must be paid individually.

    If you are paying via PayPal, you must complete payment on
    before the seller will ship the item. Also, please make sure that the
    shipping address listed in your Etsy account matches the shipping address
    in your PayPal profile.

    Seller Details:
    Shop Message (sent by the seller to all buyers):

    If you need to contact the seller, you may do so by sending an email to:
    sortaflower [!at] or start a Conversation on Etsy with SFDglassbeads.
    Learn more about how to use Etsy Conversations here:


  8. Jenelle,

    I see that you did make a diligent effort to send these tutorials.
    Seeing the effort you made in trying to get these to me I now fully understand your irritation.
    I would have been irritated also.
    I honestly do not know where your emails ended up or why.
    Clearly this was not your fault and I am sorry for being rude to you in this exchange.

    I received no notice from paypal until Aug 5th when they said they needed more time to investigate … I finally wrote them on the 17th for an update when I found for myself the issue was closed. That is when I found your blog.
    From there you now know the rest of the story.

    I got these tutorials one after another at 2:23 2:24 2:28 and 2:37 pm.

    Very quick response … I now suspect the service was equally quick in the past … thank you!

    I will withdraw the complaint from paypal and you do not have to worry about the free tutorials.
    It is and was in your trying to solve this a wonderful gesture and I thank you for it.

    You do beautiful work and I will be happy to try out your bead techniques.

    You are a very good business person and I would not hesitate purchasing from you again 🙂

    Your soaps look good enough to eat.
    Good luck with that 🙂



  9. I would love your bonus ebook … your work is lovely. Thank you!

    I have learned this star crossed stuff has a learning experience behind it always somehow … this time it has re-fuled a fire with paypal that I have back burnered for some time. Time to address it with them and the unaware public.

    It has also reminded me our email system is not as perfect as any of us would like … no matter how careful we are. I will be running tests on my own email server to try and figure out what might be going wrong on my end.

    So pawns that we might be in the grand scheme of things I am thrilled to have your tutorials 🙂


  10. Ok, great!I am going to send you the entire top secret volumes, it consists of 4 ebooks, a lot of the things it goes over you probably already know but there may be something in there that will be an inspiration 🙂 Sending each separately, in just a minute here.♥


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