Hurley Pot

??? Hurley ~ Beads & Botanicals

Daniel and I need help picking out a name for our Hurley Pot! We are adopting the decorative Pot on our street and need to come up with a fun name for it-Here’s the scoop:

Historically all pots keep the last name of Hurley. After Mayor Bill Hurley who was in office when the Hurley Pots were placed downtown. 1985.

There are 86 Downtown, with such names as: Pesto Hurley ~ Pierros Restaurant. Curly Hurley ~ Fusion Hair Salon and so on.

Suggestions Please!


8 thoughts on “Hurley Pot

  1. Ok Jenelle, I've been thinking about this all day! Crazy! Here's a few:
    Glassy Hurley
    All Natural Hurley
    Beaded Hurley
    Beadsbot Hurley
    DanJen Hurley
    Crafty Hurley
    Artistic Hurley

    ha ha I'm sure I can come up with more in time! ha ha Good luck!


  2. Hi Kristen-oh I love them all!!! That's funny about Glassy Hurley, that was one of Dan's first suggestions too. I am leaning towards Crafty Hurley at the moment because our next door neighbor is a Quilt Shop (quilting supplies and lessons). All Natural Hurley has a nice ring to it too… oh this is going to be fun! Will let you know as soon as we decide for sure- thanks so much:) ♥♥♥ Jenelle


  3. how about “Pearly Hurley”? =0) something about pearls & beads…or maybe “mother of pearly hurley”? ….um…green hurley?….organic hurley?…..pearly is my fav though =0)


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