Opening soon!

Opening soon in downtown historic Fayetteville, NC. Glass Art Beads, called “lampwork” beads and Vegan Friendly Soap, Balms, Candles, Solid Lotions, and other yummy concoctions. All handmade, natural, and uber good for you.
♥Featuring sfd Glass Beads and Living Botanical Vegan Goods♥

Did you know that we offer our Glass Lampwork Tutorials for sale online?


4 thoughts on “Opening soon!

  1. hey lovely!
    sad to hear about your sites, but good to hearing a fun shop update. i uber heart your packaging in the shop with the clips as hangers! GENIUS!!! =0) was thinking about it, and was wondering if (when you find time of course) you could play with a kiwi-coconut scent. i love the combo & i used to have custom oil mixed here by Garden Botanika but they've been long since gone from columbia center…ya think in a lip balm or a soap or both? just an idea…perhaps 3:3 ratio…but then again you're the expert not me. love ya!


  2. Good luck with your new venture. I'm interested in knowing whether your toiletries range will be palm oil free as I have a particular interest in only buying products that are palm oil free. Many thanks


  3. HI Sue:) Yes our lip balms and soaps are palm oil free, my fav base is coconut oil for the soaps , some of the ingredients you will find in our goodies are:
    Olive oil, Jojoba Oil, Primrose, Rosehips, Shea Butter,Neem oil, Vit E,Cocoa Butter, and Soy, as well as Hemp Seed oil and Oatmeal on Occasion.


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